Let’s talk about mental wellbeing

Let's talk about online talk

In this session with Jenny Hjalmar Åkerblad together with IKEA Leaders we will explore actions and steps we can take to boost our mental health in our everyday lives.

The psychologist’s best advice

Online talk 12 April

In this crash course on mental health with Siri Helle, you will get the psychologist’s best advice on how to turn stress into motivation and make bad days become better both on and off the clock.

My story

Online talk 8 March

Welcome to this online talk with our IKEA colleague Susanne Koerfer. Going through a crisis can be an overwhelming and painful experience, challenges and struggles are a part of life. Talking to each other and sharing our experiences can be a powerful tool to help ourselves and others.

High on life

Online talk 26 January

In this talk with David JP Phillips, he will share how he learned to hack his lifelong depression, and how you can use his neuro-leadership tips to boost your mood, motivation, happiness, and energy levels whenever you need it.