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Aktivitetshuset (The activity house) is a meeting place and spare time facility for co-workers, and their families, who work at IKEA and Inter IKEA in Älmhult. At Aktivitetshuset you can meet and spend time over a cup of coffee, work out and have fun in Multihallen. We have something for everybody!

The IKEA Personalstiftelse is the owner of Aktivitetshuset, and it’s run by co-workers from IKEA Älmhult AB. The IKEA Personalstiftelse was founded in 1990 and the very first Aktivitetshuset opened in January 1991. This was located where IKEA Components is today. The main purpose of Aktivitetshuset is to offer spare time and health activities for the many IKEA co-workers and their families. Aktivitetshuset moved to the current facilities in 2001 and has since then gone through a couple of changes. Multihallen is a sports facility that opened in February 2011.


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