The Music studio reopens

We are happy to announce that we reopen the music studio, with start 23 September. Monday-Friday 12.00-12.55 Wednesday 17.00-21.00 Saturday and Sunday 08.00-15.30 To make your reservation, call 0476-440 760 or email us One booking at the time, so we can give all bands the possibility to restart again. A maximum of 5 people… Continue reading The Music studio reopens

Build up and keep health supporting habits

Since habits are behaviors which happens regularly and more or less automatically- wouldn’t it just be fabulous if some of them were supporting our physical, mental and social health? Imagine if we could free up some energy and brainpower for all the other things and happenings in life? Well, it’s not magic and there’s research… Continue reading Build up and keep health supporting habits

New opening hours

From 1 September we will extend our opening hours at Aktivitetshuset including the opening hours in the gym. Aktivitetshuset opening hours:Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 07.30-17.00Wed: 07.30-21.00Sat,Sun: 08.00-15.30 Gym opening hours:Mon-Sun: 05.00-22.30