Creating my wellbeing

Creating my wellbeing, a workshop video with health coach Ann-Sofie Forsmark with step-by-step guide for individual reflec­tions and insights on how to create brain balance and improve your own mental wellbeing. The workshop is in English, and available for IKEA co-workers here. You also find a couple of reflection questions to use in the workshop… Continue reading Creating my wellbeing

Holistic health & hormones

On 18 February, join us for an online talk with Monika Björn. She is a health instructor focusing on holistic health, well known for her books about menapause and staying strong in all ages. In her online talk she will talk about how our hormones affect every aspect of our physical and mental health including… Continue reading Holistic health & hormones

Digital Tsunami

Join us 28 January, for a conversation with Katarina Gospic. Did you know that our brain is functioning the same way today as it did 40,000 years ago? At the same time, the tech development has never been faster. Today is your slowest day. To be successful in the new digital age, we need to… Continue reading Digital Tsunami

Individual coaching

Health & Wellbeing by IKEA pool of certified coaches At IKEA we aim to create a better life for the many people. We are all part of the many people and we believe that coaching is one way of creating a better everyday life. Now you can sign up for personal coaching for your own personal… Continue reading Individual coaching