Work out online or outdoors

Let’s work out online or outdoors!

Let’s start a movement for healthy habits! We know that when you feel at your best you are at your best. Now Aktivitetshuset offers online training for all IKEA colleagues all over the world.

The online workout and outdoor workout are available for IKEA co-worker and their families.





Workout descriptions

Outdoor workout – Training for the whole body. We mix pulse and strength exercises and if you want you can use weights.

NEW at Aktivitetshuset: Sensing yoga – Sensing means to feel. We experience the body from deep inside and move according to the condition of the body. Sensing yoga is gentle with simple movements and bases its thinking on moving as naturally as possible. The yoga form is for everyone and the session will be held in Swedish. You need a yoga mat and a blanket. Read more here. (.pdf)

Vuxenklubben – A workout for the members of Vuxenklubben. Strength, cardio, balance and mobility in a nice mix. Tools: chair, mat, weights (for example filled bottles).

Core – A strong core is important to keep good health in our everyday life. This class strengthen your core and you choose your own level. Let the daily form decide!

Stress and tension release – Simple stretching and breathing exercises to release physical and mental stress. It is important to take a few minutes every day for self-care and this is one way. Anyone can join and all you need is something comfortable to sit on and maybe a soft playlist in the background.

Strength – Simple and effective muscle training for the large muscle groups. You use your own body as the main tool and in some exercises you can, if you want to, use an elastic cord and dumbbells or weight plates. These tools are available at an affordable price at many stores.

Mobility – Many people are stiff and immobile due to very sedentary and monotonous movements. In mobility training, we mix dynamic movements with traditional stretching. If you exercise mobility regularly you will notice results after just a few times.

Strength & Pulse – Exercise for the whole body. We work in intervals and mix strength and pulse exercises. You work mostly with your own body weight, but in some exercises, you can use weights. A mat is also good to bring.

SomaSlow – SomaSlow consists of slow, soft and all through standing movements that do not strain wrists. It gives great mobility training, circulation and a nice, relaxing and recovering experience.

SomaMove –  SomaMove is both athletic and exhausting, but at the same time elegant and smooth. It is a holistic way of training as it physically encompasses strength, elasticity, balance, agility, cardio and coordination. The workout is a flow of movements where you work solely with your own body, both standing up and on the mat. You adapt to your own ability when it comes to speed and how challenging you perform the exercises.