Get together! – team activity packages

Boost your next team gathering or kick-off with our team packages.
Doing things together makes us feel good. We build stronger relationships when we try new things and have fun together. Studies show that when we do things together like working out, laughing or share a meal, the body releases feel good hormones and it helps us to lower stress levels and to feel good.
Now you can add extra energy, inspiration and joy to your next team gathering. We have put together two activity packages; Move & Mind and Play & Connect.

Move & Mind

Work out, reconnect and recharge together with your team. The Move & Mind session focuses on health, happiness and togetherness. Our instructors Mia, Sara and Marie will guide you and your team through energy boosting and relaxing classes as well as simpler workout sessions. Everyone can join, no pre-knowledge is needed.

You can also include breakfast or Swedish FIKA, all made with a lot of love in our kitchen and bakery SMAK.

Play & Connect

A fun and playful evening with activities for everyone. Having fun and laughing together makes us feel good. It actually strengthens our immune system, boosts our mood and gives us balance in body and mind. And it makes us feel connected with each other.

With Play & Connect you get the whole playroom, alone for your team for 2 hours. Play table-tennis, challenge your team-mates with a game of pool, learn how to play shuffleboard and hang out together.

You can also include snacks or a burger menu, all made with a lot of love in our kitchen and bakery SMAK.

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