The history of IKEA to Göteborgsvarvet

I got the diagnose myeloma 2012 which is Cancer in my bone morrow and it is so far incurable. I did a stem cell transplantation it was hard for me and quite long rehab to get back in good condition. Then I had Vasaloppet as a goal and it took 2.5 years to manage. Physical activities are the only thing I can do by myself to keep my body in a good shape to manage my coming medical treatments in the best way. Because of that my disease is chronic I need to do medical treatments long the way rest of my life to keep my Cancer down. When I 2017 got the message that I was needed to do a new stem cell transplantation with the stem cells I had left and with my earlier experiences I knew that I must have a challenging goal to manage my recovering. The most realistic goal was then for me the Göteborgsvarvet 2018. At the same time I informed my colleagues about my condition I challenged them to run Göteborgsvarvet with me and I got a heavy response. It was spread outside my department and it grew more than I could imagine to whole IKEA in Älmhult. With this support it was big possibilities to invite people for donate money to Berta Kamprads Cancer Foundation for supporting Cancer Research. The feeling I had during the race was fantastic with yellow IKEA Fights Cancer t-shirt everywhere, music in every corner, cheering people and the satisfaction when passing the finish line was very good I will say. 2019 we will do it again with lot more runners and I am very proud and grateful to you who will join IKEA Fights Cancer Group and run/walk Göteborgsvarvet next year together.

Kind Regards                                                                                                                       Ulf Johansson