Our themes (NEW)

Every season we launch a new theme full with inspirational talks and events. These are the themes we have explored so far, where you can find recorded talks to keep learning and developing.

Outside the box

May – August 2022

Spending time outdoors can make us both healthier and happier. The fresh air, the colorful scenery and the sounds of nature, studies show that there are a number of health benefits of just stepping out of the door.

Being outdoor inspires us to move and stay active. It allows our brain to take a break, to improve our focus and calm our mind. It helps us sleep better and it strengthens our immune system. It also improves problem-solving abilities, boost our creativity and our energy. And it is a great social activity.

Mind the brain

January – April 2022

For every thought, emotion or impression, your amazing brain makes millions of connections every day. It’s like a daily workout session, but in your head. And everyone knows, that after working out, you need to recharge and rest.

Learning more about how the brain works, and how it affects our health, can help us to better understand how to care for ourselves and how to create healthy habits and find balance in life and in mind.

New Year, New habits

September – December 2021

It´s human to start over. And over. And over. What’s a healthy habit for you? We aimed to inspire you to create easy healthy habits that makes you feel good, and that are easy to keep.

We invited guest speakers that talked about food, sleep, stress, playfulness and, yes, habits.