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As a precaution, all indoor training at Aktivitetshuset is temporarily cancelled. Therefore you can not shower or use the locker rooms at Aktivitetshuset.


Group workouts at Aktivitetshuset

We offer many types of workouts. Perhaps it’s time to try something new? 
Outdoor easy strength walk
For you who wants to start to move and need some motivation. We walk and use a scarf or rubber band to do easy strength exercises. The class is 30 minutes and gives you both fresh air and energy. Use your ordinary clothes and wear good walking shoes. We meet outside the Multihall.
FortGjort – quickly done!

Exercise at its best, simple but crazy efficient. Exercise entirely on your own terms. A 25-minute workout.


Blending core workout with elements of Tabata. Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training. Each round consists of 8 intervals that you perform for 20 seconds with a rest for 10 seconds between each interval. This is repeated eight times, making a total of 4 minutes.

Athletic bar

Athletic Bar is a varied and playful workout with many different exercises with barbells and light weights. You work with your entire body at a speedy pace.


High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, is a workout where you train both strength and endurance – which is highly effective for fat loss. It is done as a group training to music where you chose your own tempo and have a lot of fun. It is a good complement to other forms of training such as running and weight training. If you want to it’s really tough – welcome to try out!


Kettlebells is complete training for the whole body. With exercises in movement the training focusing on core, strength and balance. You use the kettlebell as resistance and perform different exercises together with others.

Full Body Strength

Functional strength training. In addition to strength, you develop mobility, balance and coordination ability. You do this with exercises that activate many different muscles simultaneously through simple but effective exercises, both with the help of your own body weight and equipment. This form of training is for everyone, both for those who want a physical challenge and for beginners.

Soma Move

Soma Move is a type of power yoga where you train in a way that is both athletic and soft. You use your whole body as resistance and the workout is a constant flow of movements focusing on your breathing.


We mix fitness and strength stations in different time intervals with rest between. A step board is used to train the fitness and the instructor leads different strength exercises from the middle.


A collaboration with The Greenhouse in Älmhult. Shona Maggio leads yoga classes at Aktivitetshuset. Flow n Glow Lunch Yoga and Strong Flow with Yoga Therapy. The courses will be in English. Registration and payment are made directly to The Greenhouse.


You will get an exercise that works through your whole body! All new participants get to know the basics – everything that’s needed to have the right technique within boxercise. This is altered with an intense workout for both strength and cardio. The workout is also complemented with some new forms of exercise as CrossFit.

Runners strength
A strength workout where we work with the body as a weight. We work in blocks with different strength focus. The blocks are interspersed with extra pulse-increasing exercises. You will do the workout at your own pace and control the intensity yourself. The class suits everyone and you don’t have to be a runner to appreciate the workout.
Mix Workout

A varied group workout, where you choose how hard you want to work by adjusting the load or tempo.

Zumba Dance

Zumba is about having fun! It is a dance-fitness program where you will learn how to dance Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Cumbia to name some of them. With the music, a dynamic, thrilling and effective workout program is produced. Every song has its own choreography outlined by simple dance moves. Together every song makes an interval training, namely a combination of quick and slow rhythms. This gives you a result of higher combustion and improved fitness.

Step & Strength

A fun step class where you train both cardio and strength. The class is structured with a mix of cardio intervals and functional strength for the entire body. Simple and effective exercises that increase your heart rate! Suitable for both beginners and experienced participants.