Gym – In the new gym of 380 square meters, you willGym_Curl find several fitness machines and tools to make your exercise as versatile as possible.We have also installed a crossfit rig (monkey bar) in the new gym.

FuncGym – In our FuncGym you train functionally to boost your body. Guided by clear descriptions of each exercise, this is perfect for those who want to train your functional muscle groups or are a little unsure of how to train. 

Gym instructions – Do you need help getting started exercising at the gym, but are not sure how to start? We offer free fitness instructions where we together go through a basic program that you can use to get started with your training. We show how the machines and the equipment works, how to set them up and what to think about current posture, weights, sets, repetitions, etc.You reach us at:                 or

Gym host – Marie and Sara are our fitness coaches at Aktivitetshuset. Take the opportunity to ask our staff about training and get tips and ideas that can inspire continued training. Ask at the reception outside the gym where Sara and Marie are located, and they will be more than happy to help you answer your questions.



  • We care about your children, therefore children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the gym.
  • Children are welcome to train in parents’ company the year they reach 13. This applies on Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays.
  • The year the child turns 15, they get to work out in the gym without parents’ company after a gym instruction by us.The gym instruction is booked at our reception and it is for free.
  • To use our facilities, you must be an IKEA employee or have a family card.
  • Shoes intended for indoor use should be used and you should change to workout clothes.
  • Keep it clean and take away the gear you have used.

Please follow the above rules. Please contact the staff for further information.

Deviations may result in shutdown from our facilities.