Wednesday evening at SMAK

Burger menu
(Pre-order only!)

Choose between:
High rib burger, Halloumi burger or Veg burger
129 kr

Julia’s homemade hamburger bread, sliced tomato,
crispy salad, pickled red onion, cucumber, srirachamayo,
bbq sauce, sliced yellow onion, apple-coleslaw
Served with potato, sweet potato and beetroot chips


Hot smoked salmon, fresh potatoes
sunbaked tomatoes, capers, red onion,
Dijon, parmesan, fresh dill
110 kr

Grilled sandwiches

Grilled parma-mozzarella sandwich
air dried ham, cream cheese, mozzarella,
sun-dried tomatoes, kale and greens
78 kr

Grilled Caprese sandwich
creme cheese, mozzarella, sun-dried
tomatoes, kale and greens
70 kr


Salmon, sweet chili, cucumber and herbs
75 kr

Chicken-curry, mango salsa and cucumber
75 kr

Kids menu

Pasta Bolognese
45 kr

with strawberry jam
and whipped cream
35 kr

Kids grilled sandwich
Cheese, turkey ham, vegetables
30 kr