What gives you energy and keeps you motivated?

29 September, 19 October and 25 November. Join Tess Donnelly and Jessica Bondesson for an online workshop to explore these topics.

The source of energy, motivation and wellness can often be found within us – when you take the time to let it guide you. Join us to explore what values are important to you, how they affect you and how you can find balance through your values. 

Online workshop with Tess Donnelly and Jessica Bondesson.

Tess Donnelly – Competence Development Area Leader IKEA of Sweden with a passion for science and psychology.
Jessica Bondesson – Leadership and competence developer IKEA of Sweden working many years with Children´s IKEA.

29 September 15.00-16.15 online workshop
19 October 9.00-10.15 online workshop
25 November 11.00-12.15 online workshop

Link: Aktivitetshuset live event (inter-ikea.com)
– no need to sign up in advance
Get ready! You will be redirected to IKEA Toolbox where you find the actual link to the live stream. It can take a couple of minutes to join the session. So join a few minutes before so you don´t miss out on any juicy details!

Workshop in English, available for IKEA co-workers