Booking & Registration

Remember to register at Aktivitetshuset. The registration allows you to make reservations through our website for upcoming events and our products.

  1. Pre-register via our registration and booking page below.
  2. Activate your registration by contacting the staff at Aktivitetshuset. If you are an IKEA employee this will be done on your employee card. If you are a family member, you will get a family card, when you activate your registration at Aktivitetshuset.
  3. Now you can make a reservation! You can have up to two active reservations at the same time, only after one of them has become inactive, you can make another one.

Do you use your IKEA email when you log in?                                                                If you have changed email address recently remember to update your profile.                When you change your email address, your username is automatically updated to the new email address.

Click on the box below to register and to get to our booking page.

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