Dare to start!


Do you want to start exercising but are unsure about which group training sessions are right for you? Just drop-in and try parts of our basic workouts!

100% Ren Hårdträning


Welcome to stop by the gym and challenge your friends and family to our collaboration challenges in Week 41. We are part of the network 100% Pure Hard Training, a working method aimed at reducing the use and availability of anabolic androgene steroids (AAS) and other doping substances in training facilities and gyms.

Dare heavy lifting


Ladies, are you looking for a way to build your strength and enhance your overall well-being? Why not try heavy lifting? It's a fantastic way to improve your sleep, build and maintain muscle mass, and even relieve menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and sweating.But let's face it, lifting heavy weights can be intimidating, especially… Continue reading Dare heavy lifting