Recharge during your workday


Do you struggle to keep up focus during the workday? Learn more about why this happens, and how you can recharge and refocus to keep your energy up all day. In this practical and inspiring talk, Swedish recovery researcher Lina Ejlertsson offers relatable tips and actions to integrate more recharging possibilities into your everyday work life.

Recharge by sleeping

Live at MUMS or Online

Join us Live at MUMS or Online for an engaging journey into the world of slumber with Christian Benedict's online lecture, "Recharge by Sleeping!" Warm-hearted and down-to-earth, Christian isn't only a renowned sleep researcher and associate professor at Uppsala University but also a loving parent to four children. This blend of professional expertise and personal experience lends a unique authenticity to his insights on the importance of restful nights.

My story


Every person has a story. In this talk our colleague Emma Svensson shares her story about how her lack of balance between challenges in life and regular recharging led to a sick leave for almost a year. And about her approach to recharging.