A-Z workout

Aktivitetshusets A-Z WORKOUT

26 exercises that starts with every letter of the alphabet.

How to use: Spell your name, friends name or something else the possibilites are endless 🙂 Click on each letter and Sara and Ray will show you how to do each exercise.

Remember to stretch before and after your workout to stay lean, limber, and injury-free.

Instructions: Reps or complete each exercise for one minute.

Equipment:Your body, 1 Kettlebell or something heavy like a stone.

A- alternating back lunges      10 reps/leg

B- burpees                              10 reps

C- cross lunges                      10 reps/leg

D- dips                                    10 reps

E- elbow to knee                    15 reps

F- flutter kicks                          count to 20

G- goblin squat                       15 reps

H- high knees                          20 reps

I- incline push up                    10 reps

J- jumping jacks                      20 reps

K- knee tuck                            15 reps

L- lunges                                 10 reps/leg

M- mountain climbers               20 reps 10 each side

N- narrow squats                     10 reps

O- overhead tricep extensions 12 reps

P- push ups                              10 reps

Q- quick feet                             count to 20

R- reversed crunch                  15 reps

S- superman plank                   10 each arm

T- twisted plank                        30 reps 15 each side

U- uppercuts                             30 reps 15 each side

V- v crunch                               15 reps

W- windmill                               10 reps

X- x crunch                                20 reps 10 each side

Y- y raise                                   10 reps

Z- zen pose of your choice     Feel free to rest


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