Team activities

Boost your next team gathering or kick-off with our team activities. You do not need to be an IKEA co-worker to book these activities, but you need to be at least 10 persons (5 for Pottery fun). Invite your friends, family and colleagues to a great experience!

Open for the public

Doing things together makes us feel good. We build stronger relationships when we try new things and have fun together.

Studies show that when we do things together like working out, laughing or share a meal, the body releases feel good hormones and it helps us to lower stress levels and to feel good.

Now you can add extra energy, inspiration and joy to your next team gathering with any of our team activities.

Pottery fun

Engaging in creative activities is not only a fun way to spend time with your team but it also has positive benefits for your mental health.

Open to the public

BW Before Work breakfast

Start the day with a delicious breakfast buffet with a twist, and try our quiz.

Open to the public

Get to know us

Get together with a tour around Aktivitetshuset and enjoy a great breakfast.

Open to the public

Move & Mind

Work out, reconnect and recharge together with your team.

Open to the public

Play & Connect

Enjoy of a fun and playful evening with indoor activities for everyone.

Open to the public

Fix your own

Organize your own leisure activity by booking Studio 1 or Multihallen.

IKEA co-workers / Vuxenklubben / Families

Christmas fun

Decorate your own homemade gingerbread heart and embrace the holiday spirit with your team of friends, family or colleagues!

Open to the public

Book your activity

To support you in the very best possible way we have created a downloadable pre-filled form with the information we need to proceed with the booking of any of our team activities.

Save the booking request to your computer before you start filling it out.

Pre-order your food

All our team activities can be upgraded with anything you like from our kitchen and bakery SMAK. Take the chance to pre-order your food when booking.