Easter break

Come and join us during the spring break week 14 with activities for the whole family, 3-6 April.

Open to the public

Come and join us during the break with lots of fun activities for the whole family.

Egg hunt

There are fun things happening this Easter also outside. We have hidden a number of ‘letter-eggs’ around the area. Once you’ve found them, put them in the right order to make a word. Pick up a map at the Hej-hub that will help you navigate around the various places to find the letter-eggs. It’s a lovely family walk!
When you’re done, you submit the word you’ve come up with to us in the Hej-hub and and if you want sign up for a raffle for a stuffed toy.

Easter craft Wednesday

Wednesday 5 April, 14:00
Come and do Easter crafts with Stina and Birgitta.
Register by calling 0476 440 760.

The craft factory

Monday 3 April – Thursday 6 April, 14:00-16:00 
Bring a friend and do Easter crafts together. Make your own hama beads design or use one of our patterns, draw and paint or see if you can solve our dot-to-dot. 

Our opening hours
Monday 3 April 07:30-17:00 
Tuesday 4 April – Thursday 6 April 07:30-17:00 
Friday 7 April CLOSED
Monday 10 April CLOSED