Here you will find all the recipes that Aktivitetshuset’s chefs shares.

Cook with Aktivitetshuset online – Cookalong
Dal Palak 9 april 2021
Raita 9 april 2021
Roti 9 arpil 2021
Lentil soup with root vegetables – 28 December 2020
Baked porridge with apples and cinnamon – 5 January 2021

Cold risen breakfast buns
Omelette wrap with tuna and herbs
Granola with apple and cardamom

Shrimp and salmon sandwich
Beetroot Bourguignon
Grilled sourdough sandwich with pesto and avocado
Lentil soup with coconut milk

Green Smoothie      
Gluten-free food muffins with feta cheese and zucchini
Banana-scrambled eggs
Cottage cheese pancakes
Smoothie bowl

Baked and delicious
Cinnamon buns
Vanilla buns
Halloween cupcakes

Aktivitetshusets Christmas calendar
Healthy gingerbread balls
Vegan rice porridge
Orange tealight candle holder
Rawfood candy with dates,licorice and flake salt
Saffron biscotti
Cranberry Glögg
Buckwheat bread with lingonberries
Chocolate reindeer
Gingerbread latte
Icing for gingerbread
Bounty balls with dark chocolate