How do you work out? Join us online, watch a training video when it suits you, or try our fun idea to train an entire alphabet? The most important thing is that you have fun and move!

Workout Videos
In front of the TV- workout whenever you like to!

A-Z Workout
Exercise from A – Z – anywhere!

Explore Älmhult
We have produced a map of Älmhult’s outdoor gyms, various trails and running tracks as well as tips on what you can find in Älmhult. You find the map here (.pdf)

Activity Walk
Follow the path – it starts and finishes at Aktivitetshuset. You can stop in 10 places on the way to do different exercises. Find the map here (.pdf)

We offer following classes:

A strong core is important to keep a good health in our everyday life. This class strengthen your core and you choose your own level. Let the daily form decide! You only need a mat.

We mix exercises for the core with heart rate boosting intervals.

This is a space for each of us to wind down and build a stronger awareness of ourselves from inside. In our days when the stress level and anxiety are even higher, this is an opportunity to be with yourself. There are plenty benefits if you practice meditation:  from focusing on the present, gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, increasing imagination, creativity and self-awareness.

Sensing yoga
Sensing means to feel. We experience the body from deep inside and move according to the condition of the body. Sensing yoga is gentle with simple movements and the basic idea is to move as naturally as possible. The yoga form is for everyone and the session will be held in Swedish. You need a yoga mat and a blanket.

Weight plate workout
A playful and functional class where you work with the whole body and only with a lightweight plate as resistant. All you need is a weight plate (ca 2.5 kg) or a similar kettlebell.

Outdoor workout
A class where we focus on strength and pulse, with or without weights. Outdoor exercise gives you energy for the rest of the day!

A workout in the gym for the members of Vuxenklubben. Strength, cardio, balance and mobility in a nice mix.

Pulse & Strength
One week we use tools to train our strength and endurance and the other week the own body stands for the resistant. Dare to try different ways to exercise!

SomaMove is both athletic and exhausting, but at the same time elegant and smooth. It is a holistic way of training as it physically encompasses strength, elasticity, balance, agility, cardio and coordination. The workout is a flow of movements where you work solely with your own body, both standing up and on the mat. You adapt to your own ability when it comes to speed and how challenging you perform the exercises.

SomaSlow consists of slow, soft and all through standing movements that do not strain wrists. It gives great mobility training, circulation and a nice, relaxing and recovering experience.

Simple and effective muscle training for the large muscle groups. You use your own body as the main tool and in some exercises you can, if you want to, use an elastic cord and dumb bells or weight plates. We end up with pulse exercises in Tabata intervals.

Running school
Easy running together in a group. Technic and distance and of course exchange of experiences.

Thursday Mix
Start the day with exercise for the whole body and get energy for the rest of the day. We use different tools to get out as much as possible from the exercises. Outdoor if the weather allows.

A class with kettlebells means exercise for the whole body. We focus on strength and balance and use a kettlebell as resistant.

This class will give you exercise for the whole body and we learn the technique how to stand, hit, block and kick within Boxercise. We alternate this with intense strength and pulse exercises.

Many people are stiff and immobile du to very sedentary and monotonous movements. In the mobility training we mix dynamic movements with traditional stretching. If you exercise mobility regularly you will notice result after just a few times.

Friday Mix
A powerful class with both coordination, strength and pulse.