Göteborgsvarvet 2020 and 2021 is cancelled. What happens now?
Your ticket will automatically be moved to the race in Gothenburg 21 May 2022.

I haven´t picked up my t-shirt yet. Do I need to pick it up? 
If you ordered a t-shirt, and still haven´t picked it up, please contact marie.petersson4@inter.ikea.com.

Where can I find information about Göteborgsvarvet?
At Aktivitetshusets’ website/ IKEA fights cancer.

My partner (not employed by IKEA) wants to run the Göteborgsvarvet with me, can he/she also sign up? 
No, only IKEA employees in Älmhult may sign up.

Where can I find information about the online training offered by Aktivitetshuset? 
Online training schedule can be found at Aktivitetshusets’ website.

Do we use the same t-shirt as previous years?
Yes, please reuse if you have one already.

I have missed ordering t-shirt or want to resize, how do I do? Contact Marie (marie.petersson4@inter.ikea.com).

Can I replace my already purchased ticket with one in IKEA Fights Cancer Group?
Yes, you can be moved into the group if place is available. However, you will not get your money back that you have already paid to Göteborgsvarvet.

If I quit my job at IKEA, can I still participate?
Send an email to marie.petersson4@inter.ikea.com as soon as possible. You may not participate if you are not an IKEA employee and you will not receive any money back.

I get many emails from Göteborgsvarvet organization, why?
Since you are registered, mail will also be sent from the organizers of Göteborgsvarvet. All emails from us is called “IKEA fights cancer”.

I want to sign up, but if I later regret or get hurt, how do I do? When you register you pay 300 SEK. If you regret or get injured and are unable to run/walk Göteborgsvarvet you can cancel latest by 15 June 2021. However, you will not receive any money back unless we have reserves that would like a place. Contact us and we will inform you if we have a reserve list. If another person can take over your place you will take care of the payment of SEK 300 on your own.