Lunch and snacks

You can order our delicious salads and snacks for your body and soul Tuesdays-Friday. Place your order no later than 10:00 the same day.
We also offer breakfast and lunch for a limited number of seated guests. Our opening hours are Monday-Friday 07:30-16:00


Swedish chicken fillet 80 SEK
Grilled chili and sesame marinated chicken fillet, crispy bean puree with seeds and lentils, lemon marinated red cabbage, pickled carrot, roasted pumpkin seeds and kale, fresh parsley leaves Dressing: Smetana & Parmesan

Hand-peeled Shrimp 80 SEK
Hand-peeled MSC shrimp, lime, sesame marinated soba noodles
with cabbage & red cabbage, pickled red onion, edamame beans, roasted sunflower seeds and kale, fresh parsley 

Vegan bean and chickpea patties 75 SEK 
Bean and chickpea patties, lemon-marinated red cabbage, oven-roasted root vegetables, pickled red onions, roasted hazelnuts and kale, fresh parsley
Dressing: Beetroot hummus

Side dish:
Sourdough bun or crunchy seed crackers. Butter is included. 10 SEK

Soft drinks: 
Loka 50 cl naturell / red apple, pear 20 SEK
Kiviks lemonade 27,5 cl lemonpear-ginger, black currant-lemon meliss, rhurbarb-vanilla, 25 SEK
Coca Cola / Coca Cola Zero 50 cl 25 SEK

KRAFT- Spinach smoothie with avocado and lemon 30 SEK
ENERGI- Mango smoothie with banana and turmeric 30 SEK
FRISK- Cranberry smoothie with strawberry and avocado 30 SEK

TURKISH YOGHURT with granola and berries 30 SEK