Q&A Älmhult Fights Cancer

Here we have gathered all relevant information about the Älmhult Fights Cancer race.

Open to the public

How to register

Who can participate in the race?
Everyone! That’s the beauty with this event. Choose a distance you feel comfortable walking or running and sign up. Take the opportunity to explore Älmhult by foot while you are also playing an important role in the fight against cancer.

When is the race?
Saturday 6 May 2023. The first starting group will cross the starting line 10:00 am.

How do I sign up?
Please use the registration link here. You will be redirect to RaceID which is the platform we use for registration. The online registration closes Friday 5 May 23.59. During the race day you can sign up at Aktivitetshuset, but we can’t guarantee a t-shirt and a medal.

Where can I find information regarding start group and start time?
You will be able to choose the start time and start group when you register for the race. Please note it down so you can find your group in time.

What is the maximum number of participants?
1500 people.

When is the last day to sign up?
The online registration closes Friday 5 May 23.59. During the race day you can sign up at Aktivitetshuset, but we can’t guarantee a t-shirt and a medal.

How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee differs depending on distance.

Registration fee for 5 km: 150 SEK
Registration fee for 10 km: 200 SEK
Registration fee for 21 km: 250 SEK

Is it possible to sign up as a team?
There is no possibility to register as a team but you are more than welcome to run together even though you all sign up individually.

How do I pay my registration fee?
The registration fee can be paid with card or Apple pay on the website. If you already have a profile at Race ID, you can pay with Swish via their app RaceID.

What’s included in the registration fee?
A fantastic walking or running experience together with 1500 friends, colleagues and strangers who share the passion for walking/running and helping others. On top of that you will also receive a race t-shirt and a special memory from the race.

Will I be able to get a refund if I change my mind?
No, since this is a charity event, we will not refund any fees.

How can I contribute

I don´t have the possibility to participate, can I still contribute somehow?
Of course, there are several ways. To be able to host this race we are in need of volunteers to support us. If you have an interest in helping out during the race day, please let us know.

Also, there is always a possibility to make a donation to Mrs. Berta Kamprad’s Cancer Foundation.

Sign up to volunteer!

The course

Where does the course start and finish?
The track starts outside Aktivitetshuset, at the corner of Västergatan / Fabriksgatan, which is just a short walk from the train station and parking possibilities.

The finish line will be by the orange container, just outside IKEA Museum. If you are curious about the complete course, you can find the map here.

How long is the course?
5,3 km is one lap around the course through Älmhult. 
10,6 km is two laps around the course through Älmhult. 
21 km is four laps around the course through Älmhult. 
If you are curious about the complete course, you can find the map here.

How long is the race?
You choose whether you would like to run or walk 1 lap (5.3 km), 2 laps (10.6 km) or 4 laps (21.2 km).

Will there be water stations along the course?
There will be a water station in front of IKEA Museum meaning that if you run more than 1 lap you will have the possibility to drink once every 5.3 km.

Will I be able to track my time in the race?
Yes, you will. But you don´t have to. RaceID offers you the possibility to track your time through their app. However, time is not a priority so it is also perfectly fine to just enjoy the race.

Is it ok to run/walk with a stroller or for a child to bring their scooter?
No, the race will only be possible to join by using your legs.

Can I bring my dog when I join the race?
No, pets are not allowed in the race.

Will it be possible to join this race virtually?
Älmhult fights cancer will only be a local race happening in Älmhult.

Why can’t I see the starting list for the race?
We have decided not to share a starting list for this race due to handling of personal information.


How much of the registration fee goes to charity?
The organizers will take care of all administration costs meaning 100 percent of your registration fee will go to charity.

Which charity organisation is the receiver?
Mrs. Berta Kamprad Cancer foundation. You can find more information about the foundation here.

Good to know

Where can I find restrooms?
In connection to the start and finish line there will be restrooms available at Aktivitetshuset, IKEA Museum and IKEA Hotell. As there will be a lot of people in this area additional toilets will also be in place outdoors.

Along the race track there will also be restrooms available at the IKEA Store as well as Älmhult Live.

Where can I change my clothes and/or shower?
We will open the dressing rooms at Aktivitetshuset during this day. Since there will be a lot of participants this space will be limited. If you have the possibility to get changed and shower at home we therefore encourage you to do so.

Where can I store my belongings?
Inside Aktivitetshuset, in Multihallen you will be able to leave your belongings and we will look after them during the time you are running.

How do I travel to Älmhult?
Älmhult Station is situated in Älmhult centre, with walking distance to the starting area. For more information visit Skånetrafiken or Länstrafiken Kronoberg.

Where will I be able to park my bike?
There will be a space for bikes in connection to start and finish line.

Where will I be able to park my car?
The best space for parking will be at IKEA of Sweden (Tulpanvägen) or IKEA Test Lab (Bäckgatan) as the parking lot at IKEA Museum and Aktivitetshuset will be occupied.

I don’t live in Älmhult, are there any possibilities for overnight stay?
IKEA Hotell offers special prices for overnights during the weekend of the race (from 5 May to 7 May).

Special sport offer: click here for IKEA Hotells special sport price

IKEA staff prices: click here for IKEA Hotells special staff price (please note that you will need to show your employee ID when checking in)

To find out more about the only IKEA Hotell in the world, visit ikeahotell.se

Will there be photographers present during the race?
Yes, there will be photgraphers present who will document the event. The pictures might be placed on our webpage as well as social media. For the time being we don´t have a photo service meaning we can´t guarantee that our phtographers will manage to capture a picture of you during the race.

Running is a new challenge for me. How can I train to prepare myself for the race?
Elmhults Sport Club has training sessions open for everyone. Read more on their website here.