Kind mind at work

Online talk with Trine Grönlund, 31 March, 10:00

Talks are in English, and available for IKEA co-workers.            

IKEA co-workers

Did you miss the live talk?
The recorded talk will be available on the link below until 10 April.             

Trine Grönlund, entrepreneur, business developer and innovative thinker, has worked closely with leaders and employees to explore a more brain-friendly and mentally sustainable everyday life for several years. “Based on my own experiences in a professional life at turbo speed, I realised that ‘the way we are working isn’t working’. It must be possible to live and work in both a high-performing and sustainable way.”

But how do you create space for focus and recovery when so many thoughts and distractions compete for attention? And what can we do for our inner wellbeing when the world around us is in chaos?

Join this online talk and get valuable tips mixed with current research. Gain insights from the latest discoveries in neuroscience as well as Trine’s own findings on the power of a more brain-friendly approach to work, and walk away with a better understanding of how to apply brain-friendly methods to your everyday life.