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Step out of the box and into the nature. Sometimes it is the small changes in your everyday that makes the big difference, like going for a walk. This spring, as the days are getting brighter and nature is blooming back to life, Aktivitetshuset in Älmhult, wants to take you for a Walk & Talk. 

Refill with energy, get new perspectives and deepen the relationships with your colleagues with a Walk & Talk. An easy way for better health, increased creativity, focus and inspiration. So many good things in one action. Read more below about the positive effects of a Walk & Talk. 

So let´s start walking, every step counts! 

How it works

To make it easy for you to have a Walk & Talk, we have a gathered some simple tools.  

  • Two marked-up paths around Älmhult. One that takes just about 5 minutes and one that takes about 20 minutes. 
  • A map in both a digital and pocketsize format. Print it or have it on your screen! 
  • Reflection questions  
  • Simple tips for how to plan your Walk & Talk.  
  • Also, now you can choose “Walk & Talk” as location when you book your meeting in Outlook. 

Plan your own Walk & Talk

Set a clear agenda for the meeting. What questions do you want to discuss? Is there a specific dilemma you want to talk about? Do you need to find new ideas or new ways of working? Having a clear agenda for your meeting helps you stay on track. 

Two or three people is a good number of participants for a Walk & Talk meeting. 

Meeting invitation 
Decide where to walk. With our Walk & Talk map, you can share this with the participants before you go. 

Book the Walk & Talk in your outlook. Include where you meet up, what you will talk about and if you need to bring something special, like sunglasses. 

Bring a mobile phone if you need to record something or to take short notes. 

By the end of the Walk & Talk, summarize what you talked about. Agree on how it will be documented and what are the next steps (literarily). 

Reflection questions

Whether you are going for a Walk & Talk with a friend, together with your team or just going for a walk on your own, being outdoors is the perfect setting for some reflection. Here are 5 questions for reflection: 

  1. How do I feel today? 
  2. What is important for me today? 
  3. What will bring me energy today? 
  4. What is challenging me today? 
  5. How will I take care of myself today? 

Why Walk & Talk? 

There are many reasons for why a Walk & Talk is good for us. We have gathered a couple of them here! 

Studies show that creativity increases with 60% when you walk, compared to when sitting. If you are stuck with a dilemma, take it out for a walk, get new perspectives and ideas. 

By walking just 1,2 kilometer a day in slow pace, you get positive effects on both your physical health, as well as your mental wellbeing. 

Being out in nature, in natural light and with fresh air is a real boost for your mental wellbeing. Studies show, that going for a walk outside, reduces stress, makes you feel happier, and it refills your energy. 

All physical activity improves your memory, helps your ability to solve problems and improves your focus. On top of that, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin that makes you feel happier. 

Studies show that going for a walk with a friend or a colleague makes you feel closer and more connected. To walk side by side makes us feel more equal and we become better listeners and tend to talk more freely. 

Taking a walk is the perfect way of recharging during the workday, or any day actually. The physical activity and the fresh air make us more creative, more alert and it is a really good way to reduce any stress. 

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