Brain blues

Online talk with Anders Hansen, 27 January, 10:00

Talks are in English, and available for IKEA co-workers.            

IKEA co-workers

Did you miss the live talk?
The recorded talk will be available until 10 February:             

By understanding how the brain works from an evolutionary perspective, we can better understand why we feel and think the way we do. Anders Hansen, Swedish doctor, psychiatrist and author of the bestseller book “Brain blues” and many more, shows us how our mind works and instils hope in that we can indeed feel well in today’s stressful and digitally connected society.

In this talk, Anders will explain the role of anxiety and depression in our lives and help us see happiness and our mental wellbeing from a new and clearer point of view. He’s not afraid to challenge modern norms and how things “should be” and says: “To succeed, we need to take better care of our brain and body – and perhaps also stop constantly chasing happiness. Humans are not made to be content and happy all the time – if that were the case, our ancestors wouldn’t have survived for very long.”

Welcome to an interesting online talk that might reset your mindset and help you understand your brain, your feelings and how to use this knowledge in your everyday life.