Edible garden design

Welcome to this fantastic evening with
Eva Uppsäll from Greenery Studio:
Workshop + Lecture + Afternoon tea
3 May, 17:30

Open to the public

How can you get more edible into the garden – big or small? A villa garden has the potential to produce several hundred kilos of food every year in the form of berries, fruits and vegetables. But even on the windowsill and balcony, it is possible to bring out delights that brighten everyday life.

You will get tips on how to think when building a garden with a focus on edibles. In the workshop, you get to retrain seedlings that are suitable for growing in a pot and get such delicious spices that work to have inside on the windowsill.

17.30 – 19.15 Lecture
19.15 – 20.30 Workshop with afternoon tea, planting and sowing

After the lecture we take a break and enjoy Afternoon tea from our kitchen and bakery SMAK. In the workshop we re-school seeded perennials and sow annuals.

What is included?
At least 5 different vegetables for planting
At least 5 different spices/herbs for planting
At least 5 different vegetables, edible flowers and spices for sowing
Soil, pots and labels

The lecture will be held in Swedish. Get your ticket in advance at the Hej! reception desk. Limited number of seats.

Ticket price: 390 SEK