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March 3 , 10:00 11:00

Online talk with Emma Nilsson.

What do the expressions “self-kindness, self-compassion and self-care” mean and why are they so important? The purpose of this online talk is to dive deep into the topic of self-kindness and provide easy and accessible tools for working with self-care and compassion, and share everyday stories about life’s many aspects, both at work and with friends and family.

Emma Nilsson, IKEA People & Culture Leader and facilitator, is passionate about supporting IKEA co-workers and colleagues in a hands-on way with personal experiences and reflections as well as practical examples, and also through the IKEA training: “Leading myself with compassion”.

Join us and get tools to explore the amazing power of self-leadership and the positive, healing energy that comes with treating the most important person in your life – yourself – like you would treat your best friend.

To join, you just need to sign in with your IKEA mail address and you will receive a confirmation code to access the talk. 
This session will be recorded.