The road to a healthy lifestyle with Sofia Ståhl

On 14 December 2020, Aktivitetshuset broadcast a lecture with Sofia “PT-Fia” Ståhl.

In her lecture “The road to a healthy lifestyle” Sofia ”PT-Fia” Ståhl describes with warmth, humour and recognition the traps we easily end up in when we want to change our lifestyle and take better care of ourselves. She talks about how the pressure of modern exercise culture makes someone care more about performance and physical perfection rather than feeling good and healthy. The important thing is not that you try to achieve the “perfect” healthy life, exercise the most or eat what everyone else does. The important thing is that you strive to find the balance that actually works in your everyday routine. Based on her extensive knowledge as a wellness consultant combined with her own experiences of fatigue and depression, Sofia ”PT-Fia” Ståhl believes that the path to a healthy lifestyle does not have to be performance-oriented and over-complicated.

Did you miss it? Click here to watch the lecture

The lecture is held in English and you need to be an IKEA co-worker to watch the lecture.