Let’s talk about inclusion

Online talk with Tess Donnelly
16 December, 10:00-11:00

Talks are in English, and available for IKEA co-workers

IKEA co-workers

Did you miss the live talk?
The recorded talk will be available on the link below:                

A workplace that is inclusive is also a workplace where we can thrive! When we foster inclusion in our culture, we feel and perform better. In this online talk, Tess Donnelly have invited IKEA colleagues, for a dialogue about how inclusion fuels wellbeing at work and what it looks like in the everyday.

True inclusion is the act of valuing someone’s input, idea, perspective, point of view or contribution. It’s wanting to hear what someone has to say and believing that it will add to the quality of the decision – we feel respected, able to be ourselves, able to contribute and able to be connected. Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility, and we have to be intentional about it.

“Let´s talk about”, is a dialogue-based conversation between people within our own organization, to raise awareness around topics that are important to talk about, for our own and others health and wellbeing.

The panel will consist on:
Susanne Waidzunas, Supply Manager

Dino Demo, Business Development Office manager,
IKEA of Sweden

Sonia Sangha, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Leader,
Ingka Group