Family activities

It’s fun to play together but it also makes us smarter, stronger, more active and more fun. Play helps us explore the world, try out new ideas, solve problems, make ourselves understood and get to know each other, because play is a language that everyone can understand. Click on every activity to open the instructions and templates.

Small animal hunting
Challenge the kids with a small animal hunting. How many animals can you find in the garden?

A pentathlon is fun so why don´t do it at the Midsummer party, family reunion or at the children’s party? Divide into teams, use common sense, keep distance and laugh a lot. Enjoy!

Treasure hunt
Here is a fun tip on a fun treasure hunt you can do at home in the garden or in the park with your children

Activity walk
Try our Activity Walk, a path which starts and ends at Aktivitetshuset. Stop and do different exercises in 10 different stops on your way. Enjoy!

Feel-good bingo
Challenge yourself, family and friends with our Feel-good bingo!