Classic massage & trigger point treatment

Lars-Ola Månsson is a certified massage therapist and performs classic massage and trigger point treatment. When booking, we usually go through what kind of massage is best for you. The treatment is adapted to your specific needs, and is usually a mix of classic massage, trigger point treatment and deep massage.

Classic massage
A relaxing massage that dissolves tension throughout the body and provides a pleasant and comfortable relaxation. Massage has both a rehabilitative and a preventive effect. Massage can be used as a form of treatment in many different contexts. Where the positive physical and mental effects are many.

Trigger point processing
Trigger point treatment is performed with the help of muscle padding that solves muscle tension, softens contractures and relieves pain or soreness. A trigger point is defined as a partial muscle tension or a hyper sore point in a tense muscle fiber strand.

The trigger point is characterized by the fact that it gives local pain but also characteristic projection of pain to another part of the body. The aim is to deactivate the trigger point, by making the tense muscle fiber strand in the muscle relax. By pressure and touch on the trigger point until the pain disappears and the blood flow to the muscle increases. Trigger points in the neck and shoulders often cause headaches, dizziness, jaw joint pain.

Deep massage
The deep massage is based on the classic massage, but works with a harder pressure to get down into the muscles if the tension is deep.
This treatment feels much more and can hurt a little. But many experience a wonderful feeling after the treatment.

Classic massage and trigger point treatment are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Treatment time & prices
60 minutes, 600 SEK