Spa treatments

Taking care of yourself is an important part of gaining good health and that is what I like to help you with. Karin Andersson is a SPA-therapist and certified wellness-masseur.

She offers massage and spa treatments for your wellbeing. One of the most important effects of massage is that it works proactively for good health and wellness. The massage helps for instance to strengthen the immune system so that the body easier can resist illness.

Treatments time & prices

Spa massage
A soft and lovely stressful massage with aroma oil. Provides nice relaxation and moisture to the skin.
55 minutes, 500 SEK

Hot Stone massage
A wonderful treatment where the therapist uses hot lava stones and oil. Their warming effect enhances and deepens the ability of the massage to reduce tension and stress and thus restore the balance of the individual. Provides a sense of total bodily well-being.
80 minutes, 850 SEK

Eucalyptus treatment
A salt peeling with eucalyptus oil that is washed off with a warm towel. Then you get a half-body SPA massage where you select front or back massage. Perfect for you who is going on holiday and want to keep the tan for a long time.
55 minutes, 500 SEK

These treatments are available on Thursdays.

Please note:
Do not do the treatment when you have f
ever, cancer, epilepsy, thrombosis, heart problems, compromising skin condition, cutaneous inflammations / infections, if you eat penicillin / antibiotics or if you are pregnant.