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Spa area

Isn’t it time to treat yourself to some everyday luxury in our spa area? You can book the hot tub and our steam sauna. We also have a nice relax area to just sit down and enjoy a really lovely spa day. Our spa area is adapted for a maximum of 5 people and it can be booked 1,5 hours at a time. You need to be 15 years old and registered at Aktivitetshuset to be able to book.

90 minutes, 2 adults and up to 3 children 175 SEK, 50 SEK/extra adult

Changing rooms sauna

The saunas available in our changing rooms do not need booking and can be used as long as the changing rooms are open. Remember to bring your own towel or rent one from us for 20 SEK.

Our treatments

Treat yourself to a little extra with a lovely treatment from one of our various therapists. To find out more about our naprapath and massage therapists click here.
The booking system shows available times within 3 months at a time.

Spa massage*

A soft and lovely massage with aroma oil. Provides nice relaxation and moisture to the skin.

55 minutes, 600 SEK

Hot stone massage*

A wonderful treatment with hot lava stones and oil. Their warming effect enhances and deepens the ability of the massage to reduce tension and stress and thus restores the balance of the individual. Provides a sense of total bodily wellbeing.

80 minutes, 950 SEK

Eucalyptus treatment*

A salt peeling with eucalyptus oil that is washed off with a warm towel. Then you get a half-body SPA massage where you select front or back massage. Perfect for you who is going on holiday and want to keep the tan for a long time.

55 minutes, 650 SEK


In addition to treating the reduced function and pain in all parts of the spine, naprapathy also treats pain in all other parts of the body like tension headaches, mouse arm, epicondylitis (tennis elbow), muscle rupture, runner’s knee and periosteum problems among other symptoms. Our treatment methods are massage, stretching, manipulation, mobilization, trigger points, dry needling, nerve mobilization, posture correction and taping.

30 minutes, 750 SEK
30 minutes, 600 SEK (Not possible to send the receipt to Benify)

Classic massage

A relaxing massage that dissolves tension throughout the body and provides a pleasant and comfortable relaxation. Massage has both a rehabilitative and a preventive effect, and can be used as a form of treatment in many different contexts where the positive physical and mental effects are many. Choose “Klassisk massage 60 min” in the booking system.

60 minutes, 650 SEK
Wednesdays / Thursdays

Deep massage

The deep massage is based on the classic massage, but works with a harder pressure to get down into the muscles if the tension is deep.
This treatment feels much more and can hurt a little. But many experience a wonderful feeling after the treatment. Choose “Klassisk massage 60 min” in the booking system.

60 minutes, 650 SEK
Wednesdays / Thursdays

Sports massage

Sports massage is a classic massage that focuses on results, whether it’s because you experience pain or feel tense. It is a powerful massage with muscular and connective tissue treatment. The massage is customized according to your needs, whether you are an athlete or not. The massage has a rehabilitative and preventive effect. Choose “Klassisk massage 45 min” in the booking system.

45 minutes, 620 SEK
Tuesdays, / Wednesdays / Fridays

Trigger point

Trigger point treatment is performed with the help of muscle padding that solves muscle tension, softens contractures and relieves pain or soreness. A trigger point is defined as a partial muscle tension or a hyper sore point in a tense muscle fiber strand. The aim is to deactivate the trigger point, by making the tense muscle fiber strand in the muscle relax. By pressure and touch on the trigger point until the pain disappears and the blood flow to the muscle increases. Choose “Klassisk massage 60 min” in the booking system.

60 minutes, 650 SEK
Wednesdays / Thursdays

When you come to your treatment, bring two towels or rent from us for 20 SEK each.

* Please note: Do not do the treatment when you have fever, cancer, epilepsy, thrombosis, heart problems, compromising skin condition, cutaneous inflammations / infections, if you eat penicillin / antibiotics or if you are pregnant.