Recharge during vacations

Is relaxing and recharging always the ame thing? Actually, no, says Swedish recovery researcher Lina Ejlertsson. Join this event and get her best tips on how to wind down, enjoy your summer holiday to the fullest and recharge your batteries for autumn.

Recharge by movement

Wind down and power up with Aktivitetshuset – join our Recharge by movement challenge! These three short videos show simple movements that help reconnect with our bodies, recharge and revitalise ourselves. No fancy equipment or gym clothes are required, just a willingness to move and be in the moment.

Recharge during your workday

Do you struggle to keep up focus during the workday? Learn more about why this happens, and how you can recharge and refocus to keep your energy up all day. In this practical and inspiring talk, Swedish recovery researcher Lina Ejlertsson offers relatable tips and actions to integrate more recharging possibilities into your everyday work life.