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Recharge by sleeping

11 October , 10:00 11:00


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Join us for an engaging journey into the world of slumber with Christian Benedict’s online lecture, “Recharge by Sleeping!” Warm-hearted and down-to-earth, Christian isn’t only a renowned sleep researcher and associate professor at Uppsala University but also a loving parent to four children. This blend of professional expertise and personal experience lends a unique authenticity to his insights on the importance of restful nights.

Christian’s impressive resume includes authorship of over 200 scientific articles and two popular books about sleep, translated into several languages, positioning him as a trusted voice in the sleep science community.

In his talk, Christian will gently guide you through the mysteries of sleep, answering pivotal questions about why we need it, how it helps us recharge, and its vital link to our mental health. He’ll share practical advice on achieving better sleep quality, confronting common challenges like young children, irregular work shifts, or hormonal changes such as menopause, and discuss the wide-reaching effects of sleep deprivation on our everyday lives.

This lecture is more than just a talk—it’s a heartfelt invitation to embrace a lifestyle that can lead to increased vitality, happiness, and longevity. Let Christian’s wisdom illuminate your path to restful nights and energized mornings. Embrace the chance to transform your sleep, and indeed your life, one peaceful night at a time. Your sweetest dreams await!

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The talk will be recorded and a couple of days after the event, you will find it in our IKEA Videos channel, available for after the live event. 

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IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan
Älmhult is the heart of IKEA. This is where we have our roots,
where people from all over the world gather around the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people and where we continue to develop products sold around the world.  

Since 2021 we have launched three health themes per year, as a part of the IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan. Meeting the need of all three dimensions of health, social, mental and physical health and wellbeing. The plan is to make IKEA in Älmhult an even better place to work at, to live in and to visit. Are you an IKEA co-worker? Click here to read more!  


IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan
Älmhult är hjärtat av IKEA. Det är här vi har våra rötter, och här vi fortsätter att utveckla produkter som säljs världen över. I Älmhult samlas människor från hela världen kring visionen att skapa en bättre vardag för de många människorna. Sedan 2021 har vi lanserat tre hälsoteman om året som en del av “IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan”, där vi möter behoven för alla tre dimensioner av hälsa och välmående – den sociala, mentala och fysiska. Planen är att göra IKEA i Älmhult till en ännu bättre plats att arbeta på, bo på och besöka. Jobbar du på IKEA? Klicka här för att läsa mer!