Digital Tsunami

Join us 28 January, for a conversation with Katarina Gospic. Did you know that our brain is functioning the same way today as it did 40,000 years ago? At the same time, the tech development has never been faster. Today is your slowest day. To be successful in the new digital age, we need to know how to surf the waves in order to be brain balanced. How we by simple means can become more relaxed, recharged and revived.

Katarina Gospic is a physiologist, a doctor and brain researcher. In her online talk the Digital Tsunami – how to recharge in a hyper-connected world she will talk about how the brain works and how it impacts your everyday health and wellbeing.

When and how to join
Online talk: 28 January, 10:00-11:00

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This session will not be recorded and is only available on 28 January 10:00-11:00 

Talks are in English, and available for IKEA co-workers.