Holistic health & hormones

On 18 February, join us for an online talk with Monika Björn. She is a health instructor focusing on holistic health, well known for her books about menapause and staying strong in all ages. In her online talk she will talk about how our hormones affect every aspect of our physical and mental health including the health of the brain.

We all know by now that we should eat enough greens, move more, and manage our stress levels to optimize our wellbeing, but what about hormonal health?

Did you know that our levels of sex hormones can influence motivation to move/exercise, learning, memory, stress tolerance, our feelings of wellbeing and mood?

What happens when our hormonal levels take a dive, for example, due to lack of sleep, stress or ageing and how does that affect our physical and mental health?

And maybe most importantly: learn the best science-based hacks how to keep your hormone levels within a healthy range during your fertile years and what you need to think about when the hormonal tank starts running on empty.

When and how to join
Online talk: 18 February, 10:00-11:00

Talks are in English, available for IKEA co-workers.