Physical Health and sleep. How are they connected?

18 November is the date when Tammy Helander will share her knowledge in sleep and the health benefits.

Join Tammys online talk to learn why sleep is so important and the surprising health benefits for getting more sleep.

In the workshop we will be discussing and exploring how we can create that ‘utopia’ of sleeping environments. Discover some tips and ideas for improving your sleeping space and getting yourself ready for a good night’s sleep.

Tammy Helander – Competence Developer within Sales IKEA of Sweden. Working with sleep, both connected to IKEA range and Health & Wellbeeing

Online Talk
4 October 10.00-10.45
Did you miss it? Relax, we recorded the online talk and you find it here.

Online Workshop
18 November 13.30-14.30
No need to sign up, just click here to join the workshop

Talks and workshops are in English, available for IKEA co-workers