Small steps, big wins

A little movement every day can go a long way. So, join us for our upcoming online events and discover how sneaking small, playful exercises into your daily routine can make a big difference.

IKEA co-workers

Our bodies are designed to move, and fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym or run a marathon to reap the benefits. In fact, research shows that even a small amount of regular movement strengthens us from head to toe and positively impacts thousands of substances in our blood, giving us more energy, blocking pain, and improving our memory, sleep, and immune system. Plus, it has a huge impact on our mental health, boosting happiness, concentration, problem-solving abilities, and self-esteem while helping us feel more in control and less stressed.

We’re excited to launch our fall theme, ”Small steps, big wins”, where three interesting profiles – an unconventional professor, a well-known health expert and an IKEA co-worker that was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 – will talk about movement and training in a totally new way during three online talks. 

They will be sharing what movement means to them personally, smart tips, exercise ideas and life hacks for micro habits: movement on the go that requires only a few minutes of your time now and then. 

Join us this fall for our upcoming online events and get ideas for small changes in your daily routine that can add up to great benefits for your mind and body. So, let’s get moving and enjoy all the amazing benefits it brings!

IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan
Älmhult is the heart of IKEA. This is where we have our roots, where people from all over the world gather around the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people and where we continue to develop products sold around the world.

Since 2021 we have launched three health themes per year, as a part of the IKEA in Älmhult now 2030 plan. Meeting the need of all three dimensions of health, social, mental and physical health and wellbeing. The plan is to make IKEA in Älmhult an even better place to work at, to live in and to visit. Are you an IKEA co-worker? Click here to read more!


22 September, 10:00-11:00

A new view on exercise

Online talk with Micael Dahlen.

What do marshmallows have to do with weight training? Get inspired by Micael Dahlen as he shares his ideas and life hacks on how to make daily movement easy and fun.

IKEA co-workers


20 October, 10:00-11:00

Movement for life

Online talk with Ulf Johansson.

Can exercise help during a personal crisis? IKEA co-worker Ulf Johansson was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and talks about training as a tool for coping, as well as simple ways to incorporate more movement into your day.

IKEA co-workers


24 November, 10:00-11:00

Every minute makes a difference

Online talk with Leila Söderholm.

Join this talk with health expert Leila Söderholm and discover how to sneak movement into our daily life to enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle – without hitting the gym.

IKEA co-workers


December, Every Friday

Small-steps challenge

Let’s move a little every day! These four challenges offer playful tips for staying active this winter. No fancy equipment or gym clothes are required, just a willingness to have fun.

Open to the public

Challenge a colleague while having a break

Did you know that it only takes 1 minute of movement to make you more focused and creative? 

Challenge yourself to a good start

Did you know that stretching for 2 minutes in the morning makes you more focused and calmer during the day?

Challenge yourself while getting ready

Did you know that balancing and dancing strengthen your core muscles? 

Challenge yourself on the way

Did you know that when playing you get active without thinking about it? 

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