The flowering kitchen garden

Workshop with lecture and Afternoon tea

11 May at 17:30, we welcome Eva Uppsäll from Greenery studio.

This evening, Eva talks about how to create the small kitchen garden where vegetables and flowers coexist side by side. Eva will give tips on different vegetables and summer flowers that you can combine so it will be both a delight to the eye and taste good for summer lunches and barbecue evenings.

After the lecture we take a break and enjoy Afternoon tea from our kitchen and bakery SMAK at Aktivitetshuset.

The evening ends with a workshop where you replant seedlings of your favorites and there will also be different seeds. What you plant you can take home and create your own little kitchen garden at home. After this evening you will be able to bring home: 5 edible plants, 5 flowers and 5 edible flowers. There will also be flower bulbs and seeds for sale.

The lecture will be held in Swedish. Get your ticket in advance at Aktivitetshuset. Limited number of seats.

Ticket price: SEK 350