Dare to care

It’s easier to talk about a broken leg than mental health, but with this theme, we want to change that. Because it’s ok to not be ok.

IKEA co-workers

Being sad, angry, frustrated or stressed is a natural part of life, but when you feel stuck in these feelings it can be reassuring to know that there are many ways to help you get through.

With this theme we will talk about how to create safe spaces for sharing and about techniques and tools for taking care of yourself, but also people close to you. Maybe it won’t solve the main issue, but hopefully it will support you and give you room to cope.  

Join us this spring and meet co-workers and a mental health professional, as well as a speaker who shares his methods for hacking brain chemistry. Welcome to a truly interesting theme that we hope will make you feel empowered and realise: You’re not alone. And caring, sharing and being there for each other can go a long way.

IKEA in Älmhult now – 2030 plan
Älmhult is the heart of IKEA. This is where we have our roots, where people from all over the world gather around the vision to create a better everyday life for the many people and where we continue to develop products sold around the world.

Since 2021 we have launched three health themes per year, as a part of the IKEA in Älmhult now 2030 plan. Meeting the need of all three dimensions of health, social, mental and physical health and wellbeing. The plan is to make IKEA in Älmhult an even better place to work at, to live in and to visit. Are you an IKEA co-worker? Click here to read more!

26 January, 10:00

High on life

In this talk, David will share how he learned to hack his lifelong depression, and how you can use his neuro-leadership tips to boost your mood, motivation, happiness, and energy levels whenever you need it.

IKEA co-workers


8 March, 10:00

My story

Going through a crisis can be an overwhelming and painful experience, challenges and struggles are a part of life. Talking to each other and sharing our experiences can be a powerful tool to help ourselves and others.

IKEA co-workers


12 April, 10:00

The psychologist’s best advice

In this crash course on mental health, you will get the psychologist’s best advice on how to turn stress into motivation and make bad days become better both on and off the clock.

IKEA co-workers


17 May, 10:00

Let’s talk about mental wellbeing

In this session with IKEA Leaders we will explore actions and steps we can take to boost our mental health in our everyday lives.

IKEA co-workers

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