Get active and inspired during the holidays

Aktivitetshuset is always open online. How about giving yourself some inspiration and extra care during the holiday? Get inspired with our online talks about how to create easy healthy habits that lasts, about sleep or how to handle stress.

Or join us for a workout. Our online workouts are available for all IKEA co-workers, wherever in the world you are. And with our workout videos you decide when it is time to get active.

Maybe take a break from the holiday activities and visit our restaurant and bakery SMAK here in Älmhult. Let us make your lunch, dinner or fika. You find our menu here!

Below you find a summary of activities to get active and inspired during the holidays:

Build up and keep health supporting habits – online talk with Ann-Sofie Forsmark*
Since habits are behaviors that happens regularly and more or less automatically- wouldn’t it just be fabulous if some of them were supporting our health? Imagine if we could free up some energy and brainpower for all the other things and happenings in life? Well, it’s not magic and there’s research to back it up! Listen in to this inspirational online talk with health coach Ann-Sofie Forsmark, you find it here!

Physical Health and sleep. How are they connected? – online talk with Tammy Helander*
An inspirational online talk to learn why sleep is so important and the surprising health benefits of getting more sleep. With IKEA colleague Tammy Helander, working with sleep, both within the IKEA range and connected to health and wellbeing. You find the online talk here!

A dialogue about stress and ways to handle it – online talk with Tess Donnely and Emma Nilsson*
We all feel stress – it is natural. In short bursts it helps, but in longer spells it affects our well-being and performance. Explore what stress is, the effect on our body and mind, and how to channel and manage it. Listen in to this inspirational online talk with IKEA colleagues Tess Donnely and Emma Nilsson, you find it here!

The road to a healthy lifestyle – online talk with Sofia PT-Fia Ståhl*
The important thing is not that you try to achieve the “perfect” healthy life, exercise the most or eat what everyone else does. The important thing is that you strive to find the balance that actually works in your everyday routine. Listen in to this inspirational online talk from 2020 with wellness consultant Sofia ”PT-Fia” Ståhl, you find it here!

Workout schedule
With both online and on-site workouts, we have a wide variety of classes. Such as Full body workout, yoga, Core and SomaMove. Or why not try our holiday special Christmas workout? You find the full schedule here!

Workout videos*
Workout whenever you want. With our workout videos you decide when it is time for yoga, body strength or any of our other sessions. You find all our workout videos here!

A-Z Workout
Gather your family and friends, or do it on your own! A fun activity where you choose different letters in the alphabet and create your own workout session. You find the instructionshere!

*For IKEA co-workers only