Dare to yoga


Do you want to try yoga? Sensing yoga is a calm yoga where you start from your own body’s condition. With different techniques we release tension and create harmony throughout the body Dare to try!

A new view on exercise


What do marshmallows have to do with weight training? Get inspired by Micael Dahlen as he shares his ideas and life hacks on how to make daily movement easy and fun.

Strong, safe & confident


Curious to understand the changes that happen in your body during menopause? We've got an informative talk just for you! Join us for a relaxed discussion led by Ida Mattsson Levin, a knowledgeable SGK-coach from starkgenomklimakteriet.se where she'll de-dramatize hormonal imbalances and more.


Cinnamon bun’s day


We celebrate Cinnamon buns day with our homemade buns and you can literally feel the scent of cinnamon around the house! Welcome in for a fika or pre-order your cinnamon buns in advance by giving us a call on 0476 44 07 60.

100% Ren Hårdträning


Welcome to stop by the gym and challenge your friends and family to our collaboration challenges in Week 41. We are part of the network 100% Pure Hard Training, a working method aimed at reducing the use and availability of anabolic androgene steroids (AAS) and other doping substances in training facilities and gyms.

Dare to start!


Do you want to start exercising but are unsure about which group training sessions are right for you? Just drop-in and try parts of our basic workouts!

Movement for life


Can exercise help during a personal crisis? IKEA co-worker Ulf Johansson was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and talks about training as a tool for coping, as well as simple ways to incorporate more movement into your day.

Dare heavy lifting


Ladies, are you looking for a way to build your strength and enhance your overall well-being? Our upcoming weight-lifting event is specifically designed to assist women like you in learning the proper form for classic strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, chest press, row, and shoulder press.


In this body of mine – Riksteatern


Welcome to this theatre show from Riksteatern at Aktivitetshuset! The journey towards the end of life and the beginning of everything. On September 17, 2013, musician, journalist and author Kristian Gidlund dies at the age of only 29 from cancer. He leaves behind the blog...


Wreath Binding Workshop


Get into the holiday spirit at our Wreath Binding Workshop and join us for an evening of creativity and festive fun as we guide you in crafting your very own Christmas wreath. No experience is necessary, and all materials are included.


Christmas market


Welcome to our annual Christmas highlight!

You will find various local craftsmen and producers who sell, among other things, baskets, tea, ceramics, baked goodies, jewelry, board games, knitwear, and much more.

Every minute makes a difference


Join this talk with health expert Leila Söderholm and discover how to sneak movement into our daily life to enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle – without hitting the gym.